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Good to know!

Archery is becoming very popular among families and corporate entertainment events.


The hand bow is a prehistoric weapon, one of the oldest in the world. There are three types of bow: the recurve bow or “Olympic bow”, the compound bow, and the longbow, which is also known as the flatbow or “Robin Hood’s bow”. The Longbow was considered in skilled hands the most deadliest weapon of the battlefield between 11th and 15th Century until the introduction of gunpowder where less skill was required to shoot a gun. Skill and training was required. But nowadays these arts of hunting and war have been transformed into hobbies and top sports events. The Kullametsa archery track was designed especially for traditional longbow shooting, because it is the most suitable recreational sport for people of all ages, genders and physical shapes. The main aim of the company is to teach and introduce the art of the field archery to people. It is never too late to start learning archery. The acquisition of the basic shooting technique is simple and logical.

Special platforms have been built for shooting at some targets, for example, the client will have to shoot downwards to hit the wild boar target, but upwards for the grouse and squirrel. Some targets are set in a ditch.

Welcome to the Kullametsa Bowtrack!